Discussion/Social Groups

For further information anhwdsgsecretary@gmail.com

See Resources available to DSGs for suggestions for events

ANHW Arizona - Ellen Schulz, President anhw.arizona@gmail.com

ANHW Berlin (Germany) - Jeewon Paek, President

ANHW Dallas - Aya Alame, President

ANHW Detroit - Dawn Marshall, President

ANHW Dubai - Meis Moukayed, President; Aruna Narayanan, Vice-President; Shipra Roma, Marketing and Communications Manager

ANHW Hong Kong - Sonia Ponnusamy, President

ANHW Houston - Lora-Marie Barnard, President

ANHW Manila - Tetchi Capellan, President

ANHW OC (Orange County, Los Angeles) ANHW.orangecounty@gmail.com

  • Sheila Swaroop, President; Susan Heystee, Vice-President

  • Svetla Alexandrov, Treasurer; Patty Le-Narula, Secretary

ANHW Oxford (England) - Meltem Aran, President

ANHW Paris - Stephanie Failoux, President

ANHW Philadelphia - Melissa Arundel, President

ANHW Phoenix - Ellen Schulz, President

ANHW San Diego - Biana Janosevic, President ANHWSanDiego@gmail.com

ANHW Seattle - Lesley Chin, President

ANHW Shenzhen, China - Danni Zheng, President ANHWShenzhen@gmail.com

ANHW Singapore - Narawane Madhura, President

ANHW Toronto - Ann Sampson, President

ANHW West LA - Tanya Bentley & Susan Budd, co-presidents ANHWwestla@gmail.com