As our mission states, ANHW aims to develop a vibrant intergenerational community of Harvard and Radcliffe alumni/ae designed to increase and strengthen Harvard women’s presence, voices, and leadership within Harvard and the larger society. Our approach is to provide opportunities for networking and a platform from which to address issues of particular concern to women in the Harvard community and the world beyond. With the international scope of our organization, 54 countries as of this writing, achieving this goal is a challenge. If you are able to provide advice and/or help with our research for feasible social media options, please mailto:anhwsigsecretary@gmail.com

We began developing chapters in metropolitan areas early in 2015. To date we have 3 (Boston, DC, and NY) and are in the preliminary stages with 3 more (Chicago, London and Los Angeles). Later this spring and summer we plan to pursue interest in creating Discussion/Social Groups (D/SG) in those locations where where we do not have sufficient membership numbers to launch a chapter. 

Our Corporate Board provides overall support - a document, “Guide to Setting-up an ANHW Chapter”, which outlines the procedure and email and telephone communication during the process to answer all questions and to solve all problems. If you are interested in spearheading formation of either of the above types of groups in your area, please mailto:anhwsigsecretary@gmail.com

The DC chapter has suggested an additional format for conversation and relationship building. Inspired by the Enlightment Salons of the 18th century, a DC member with the help of a friend developed a unique model that includes a series of short readings and a structural interactive group process designed for the topic. The inaugural salon was “Why Women Bully Other Women”. Future topics include “Authenticity”, “Are You Lucky?” and “Mansplaining”. If you are interested in more information about a Salon model mailto:ellenfoxmd@gmail.com