ANHW welcomes the formation of local chapters in cities around the US and the world, as a way for alums in those cities to connect with each other through the same types of events as ANHW itself provides to members.  To date, we have three chapters, in the Washington DC area, New York City and Boston.

We are in the process of launching chapters in London, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia. We provide overall support - PDF document which clarifies the procedure and email and telephone communication during the process to answer all questions and solve all problems.

Also, we shall be contacting members in areas with enough members to develop a discussion/social group.

If you wish to be in a leadership role in any of the above, please contact anhwsigsecretary@gmail.com

If you have not been contacted by June 30, 2018, please contact us at anhwsigsecretary@gmail.com

For locations with less than 10 members, we are investigating group options for internet communication. If you are interested in being involved in this capacity, please contact us at anhwsigsecretary@gmail.com 

The DC Chapter has developed a program which has been a great success. Is there potential here for expanding the conversation beyond one's salon?

Harvard Medical School alumna and ANHW-DC steering committee member Ellen Fox had an idea.  She wanted to create a forum or activity that would enable intellectually curious people to cut through superficial small talk to a deeper level of dialog and relationship-building. Inspired by Enlightenment Salons of the 18th century, Ellen – with the help of her friend Lynn Borton – developed a unique model that includes a series of short readings and a structured interactive group process designed for each topic. Ellen, who is also a Yale College grad, proposed the Salon series as a joint venture between the Alumni Network of Harvard Women and YaleWomen.

The inaugural salon – the theme of which was “Why Women Bully Other Women” – was held in September at Ellen’s home. The event was so successful (registrations sold out in hours!) that Ellen worked with Juliet Drake and Sara Romeyn of YaleWomen to add a second Salon that follows the same “script” as the original Salon at Ellen’s house, but that takes place simultaneously at a another Harvard or Yale alum’s home in the DC area.  The topics of the Salons held in November, December, and January were “Authenticity,” “Are You Lucky?” and “Mansplaining,” respectively.

If you are interested in starting your own Salon series based on the Harvard/Yale Women’s Salon model, contact ellenfoxmd@gmail.com.