Newsletter: Issue 30, June 2015

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ISSUE 30 JUNE 2015


Beyond Balance 

On December 3, 2014 ANHW hosted its inaugural event called Beyond Balance: Women’s Challenges and Choices in the 21st Century. Co-sponsored by the Harvard Alumni Association, this event drew over 200 attendees and featured a distinguished cross-disciplinary faculty panel that discussed new research and ongoing concerns about the role of women in leadership positions, in media coverage, and at home. At a time when the perennial question seems to be “Can women have it all?” the discussion explored how “balance” is distracting from core concerns and offered individual anecdotes and methods for handling discrimination in the workplace.

Read more about the event here: women

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Because ANHW does not collect dues, we welcome tax-deductible gifts to help cover operating expenses and to provide assistance in projects and events. Your support will allow us to expand our programming.

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Forming Chapters

In June, 2015 ANHW formed its first chapter in Washington DC. The DC chapter of ANHW aims to develop a vibrant community of alumnae-i who live in the DC metro area. This chapter is planning programs and networking events that will enhance Harvard women’s presence and leadership within Harvard and the larger society, particularly in DC. For more information, 

ANHW is also exploring forming chapters in New York City, San Francisco, and Toronto. If interested, please contact ANHW

The Entrepreneurial Woman 

As a followup to ANHW’s inaugural Beyond Balance event, ANHW hosted The Entrepreneurial Woman at the Harvard i- lab on April 23, 2015. Co-sponsored by the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, this event celebrated female entrepreneurs in the Cambridge area and explored the array of challenges entrepreneurship brings.

The event drew a crowd of 80 people interested in hearing the panelists’ diverse perspectives and was moderated by Harvard Business School professor Lynda Applegate.

The recording of the panel can be viewed here: 

Continued Priorities 

(1) ANHW continues to address sexual assault and harassment on campus. During the past year ANHW followed the progress of the Task Force on Sexual Assault, wrote to the Chair of the Committee on Sexual Misconduct, Policy, and Procedures with our concerns, and conferred with the interim Director of the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (OSAPR) regarding the office being understaffed. We await report on this past spring’s undergraduate campus climate survey regarding sexual harassment and assault.

(2) ANHW extended its support of the Youth Homeless Shelter by publicizing their fundraising effort during Harvard Alumni Association’s Global Month of Service.


In the upcoming year, we will seek to further strengthen our membership through our online network, hosting events, and establishing city-based chapters.

We will establish committees dedicated to our specific organizational goals and are seeking committee members as well as a webmaster.

If you are interested in getting more involved with ANHW, please reach out to us at:



  • President: Acey Welch, AB ’53
  • Secretary: Alexa Ing Stern, AB ’12
  • Treasurer: J. Robin Umbley, ALM ’13


  • Gabriella Schlesinger, AB ’58
  • Joan P. Schwartz, PhD ’71


  • Joan Baer, AB ’58
  • Elisabeth Hatfield, AB ’58
  • Tina Henderson EdM ’84
  • Jessica Pesce, EdM ’11
  • Brittany Shea, AB ’13
  • Talia Varley, HSPH ’15
  • Heidi Webb, EdM ‘80