Corporate Board

In our first year, we established our governing committee, coordinated alumnae groups from the Business and Law Schools, met with women in leadership roles at the University to learn where ANHW can be of service, and invited numerous students, faculty, and administrators to present to the governing committee regarding current concerns with respect to gender equity at the University. In addition we have begun to coordinate with other Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) in Harvard Alumni Association’s (HAA) broad network to determine how, through collaborative efforts, we can move forward to offer programs and meetups regarding women’s issues. 


  • President: Joan P. Schwartz, PhD '71

  • Secretary: Alexa Ing Stern, AB '12

  • Treasurer: Brett Harshbarger, AB’12

  • Co-Treasurer: Laura Guggenheimer, AB '13


  • Gabriella Schlesinger, AB '58

  • Acey Welch, AB '53

Resident Agent

  • Jessica Pesce, EdM '11

We invite you to join one of our committees, as outlined below: if interested, notify

1 -  Communications: Chair Alexa Ing Stern; member Yailett Fernandez

-        this committee is responsible for outreach to overall ANHW membership, using such mechanisms as the ANHW website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a blog 

-        sponsorship of events by webinar so available to all ANHW members

-        preparation of a newsletter yearly, or more often

2 – Chapters and Discussion/Social Groups: Chair Joan Schwartz; members Rabiya Ather, Sabrina Ghouse

-        this committee will consist of chairs of Chapters and Discussion/Social Groups

-        discussions will center on types of activities each chapter/DSG has been carrying out that have been successful, with the goal being to post a complete list to the ANHW website for sharing

-        networking or mentoring possibilities will be developed

3 – Outreach: Chair Gaby Schlesinger; member Abrar Trabulsi

-        this committee will liaise with the Harvard University Women’s Center, various student and alumnae-i groups, and other SIGs

-        the committee may see opportunities to develop joint programs with some of these groups, and to prepare webinars derived from such programs that could be shared with the ANHW membership at large

4 – Fundraising: Chair Brett Harshbarger, Laura Guggenheimer

-        this committee will focus on outreach to companies and other donors for support of specific activities

If not already a member, we invite you to visit our membership page to join now and get involved in your local Chapter or Discussion/Social Group and in the ANHW FB conversations.

Since we do not charge dues, we need donations! We appreciate all gifts, no matter how small, which are necessary to cover operating expenses and to provide assistance in projects and events. Your support will allow us to expand our programming.